Before you sit down to learn how to write a press release that’s suitable to post on your social media page, you must understand that these networks function differently than other sites. When you post something on your blog, you depend on SEO keywords and your existing audience to give it a high ranking and to share the link on their own pages. When you create a social media page for your business or company, you are creating content that is made to be shareable. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and even Tumblr have clickable buttons that allow users to share your post on their own feeds in seconds. People who use these sites are already geared toward brand recognition, so creating pages for your brand or company will enable you to reach them much more easily than you would with a blog post. Even on Twitter, where you are limited to 140 characters per post, you can share the link to your main social page, along with a short message that announces it. This kind of media not only allows you to reach a wider audience with your press release, but it may also spread much more quickly as well, thanks to the sharing options that these pages provide.

Creating a Press Release for Social Media

Understanding how to write a press release for social media is the first step toward success. Unlike a blog post, a press release should be brief, to the point, and packed with information. You should not include any personal opinions or include off-topic content; this includes past information about your company or any kind of background information that isn’t directly related to the news. For example, trying to set up new customers with a long, introductory paragraph about your business will turn off existing customers and cause them to click away. While prospective customers do need to be informed about your company, including a link back to your page or including a small resource at the end of the press release will allow them to visit at their leisure. Well-written content of this kind should include information, facts, statistics, and optimized SEO keywords. The length of the content for your release should be no longer than one page.

Errors to Avoid with Social Media

Once you have learned how to write a press release and understand what should be included in its content, there are still a few other errors to avoid if you want your content to reach the greatest number of people. One major mistake that people make is to release their statements at the wrong time. On the Internet, timing is everything, and if you miss your window, your post will become buried in people’s feeds. While you can’t predict breaking news, posting your press release when there are major world events happening will cause it to be hopelessly buried in a fury of shared links and news feeds. If you plan to make your post first thing in the morning and you see that some major news event has occurred, as frustrating as it may be, you should hold off posting it until the next day. Better to delay your announcement than have it get lost among posts that have more media power.

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