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Media releases are also known as press releases. They are a free tool available to business owners. They can be used to announce a promotion or event such as an anniversary or grand opening. I encourage all business owners to get creative when writing their media release. Pay attention to the upcoming holidays and write around one of the lesser-known holidays. This will spark curiosity and get you and your business attention.

Many business owners I encounter do not take advantage of writing a media release because they feel their business is too small. There is no rule that says solopreneurs or small business owners with one or a few employees cannot use this free tool. If you are serious about promoting your business without going into debt then you should make time to learn to write a media release.

These releases can be emailed, faxed, or mailed to newspapers, radio stations, magazines and other media outlets. Email is not my preferred method for submitting. An email can easily be deleted before it is opened. When faxing your release do not use a cover sheet with excessive graphics. You do not want to waste the ink of the person you are faxing. I have heard this complaint from several business owners who receive media releases or faxes. Ink costs money. So be very mindful of the font and graphics on your fax coversheet. As a last resort, you can mail your press/media release to your media outlets.

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